This article describes how to modify the KIWI VM build (for SQL Server 2012 demos) so that it uses a separate, central domain controller VM shared with other VMs. The only VM from the EMU set of VMs that is modified is EMU-DC (KIWI needs to be added to the domain).

Let's call this modified version of the KIWI virtual machine KIWI.V2.

Note: the VM that you use to build KIWI.V2 will need to be a separate activated VM (sysprepped) from the one used to build EMU-DC. You will not be able to join the domain otherwise.

System requirements: be aware that if you want to run all VMs at the same time, this will require 12-15GB of free RAM (not including some left over for the host OS). Otherwise, you can spin up the domain controller + KIWI or one of the EMU sets one at a time. 

VM configuration & startup notes:
  • Make sure CONTOSO domain machines have an internal NIC configured in Hyper-V that is on same VLAN number for domain networking
  • Follow configuration steps in EMU wiki for additional network configuration for those machines

Potential issues:

If you are trying to log into a VM with domain credentials and see an error message about the trust relationship to the DC, here is a workaround. Log into the VM using local Administrator account, same Password;1. Next, open a command prompt and reset the machine account password:

netdom resetpwd /server:emu-dc /userd:contoso\administrator /password:Password;1

Finally, log out and test the domain login again. It should now work.

Machine diagram:

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