Moderating Microsoft Forums

Moderating Microsoft Forums

The following guide can be used by moderators of any Microsoft forum as a guideline to understand best practices and moderation techniques. Please comment on any article to give us feedback.


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  • This wiki needs better bread crumbs. If you open one of the topics in this thread in a new tab or window, there's no link to get back to this overview of all the moderation topics. Can the page template be changed to include a link to this page on every topic page?

  • We have standards for adding links, but for now the standards are manual.

  • Okay. I added links back to this page to the top and bottom of all the sub-pages. That's generally the best practice.

  • Nice article, it helped me learned the process of becoming moderator. I was just wondering is there a way a person who became a Moderator for specific forum knows that Microsoft has granted him Moderator permissions ? May be an email alert would be nice letting the person knows that he has been choosen as Moderator for that particular forum.

  • browsing from other wiki post..Good one..very informative.. Isn't available on somewhere on technet?

  • Ed Price - MSFT edited Revision 15. Comment: Added "Optimizing Your Profile"

  • Hasham, as a best practice, I notify people when they become Moderators and send them to this resource and the Marking Answers page in particular. So it could be automated, but it kind of needs a personal touch.

  • Amit, this information is available here. This is TechNet. Did I miss your question? Thanks!

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