Create a Certificate Request using Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

Create a Certificate Request using Microsoft Management Console (MMC)


In this article I show how to produce a Certificate Request using the management console with the Certificates snap-in. After importing the certificate in the computer container. 
In this case I am generating a digital certificate that will be installed at 2010 TMG that it is configured as Reverse Proxy Server Lync pool. The enterprise certification service is installed along with the domain controller with the service and this Web Enrrolement active.

The certificate will be generated with multiple Destinguish Name and Subject Alternative Names.

Connection Manager Certificate

Start running on the machine and run the mmc to start the management console, click File and Add / Remove Snap-in

Select the Certificate Snap-in and add to the console

Select Computer Account to manage the certificates installed on computed

Select Local Computer and finish the wizard

Request Certificate

Expand the Personal folder in the Certificates. Right-click All Tasks, select Advanced Operations and Create Custom Request ....

Go to start the certificate request
Select the Enrollment Policy 

Select the template of the certificate to the Reverse Proxy must select Web Server template

In the Certificate Information tab expand the Details and click Properties to configure the options of the Certificate
Tab Certificeta Properties in select  Subject Name option Type: Common Name and Value set the FQDN of the primary service that uses the certificate. In part of Alternative Name select Typer: DNS and  add all the FQDN's that bear the certificate 

In the tab General set the Friendly Name of the certificate, this option does not affect any functionality of the certificate may take any value. Usually I set up a brief description of the functionality of the certificate

Tab Private Key option expand the Key Options check the Make Private key exportable. Apply the changes and finish the wizard

In Certificate Enrollment advance 

Select the folder where the request is saved and finish the assistant

Generate the Certificate

Access the address of the Web Enrollment of digital certification in the URL https:// <FQDN server certificado> / CertSrv and click Request Certificate 

Click the Advanced Certificate Request

Select  Submit a certificate request by using the base 64-encoded CMC or PKCS # 10 file, or submit a renewal request by using the base 64-encoded PKCS # 7 file

Open the request file in Notepad, select and copy the entire contents 

Paste the contents of the file request in the space Saved Request and select the Certificate Template: Web Server and click Submit

The certificate will be generated, click Download Certificate and save the certificate in a folder

Check the settings of the certificate are correct and that the option of private key is present in the certificate

Import Certificate

Return to the management console expand the Personal Right click on Certificates select All Tasks and click Import ...

Go to start the certificate import

Select the certificate that was saved

Go to the configuration of the Certificate Store

And finalize the wizard

The certificate must be imported and ready to be linked to services

This article was originally written by:
Fernando Lugão Veltem
@ flugaoveltem 

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  • Very good Fernando, keep up the good work!

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  • I love this - I've had to do this a million times (probably more), but it's nice to see it laid out so precisely.

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