Forum Moderation Guide: Managing Users: Banning Users: Procedures

Forum Moderation Guide: Managing Users: Banning Users: Procedures

Issuing Warnings

The need to warn users depends on the specific scenario. The guidance is to not be heavy-handed or angry in addressing violators. Here is an example of appropriate text:
I have deleted your post. Please refer to the posted Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. We want to make the forums a welcoming place for all users, so please make sure you adhere to all policies. Thanks for your help.
<Your name/display name>

Ban Requests

To request that a forum user be banned, follow this procedure:

1.      Collect evidence/business justification for banning a user. Make sure to be specific about the actual text that violates the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct.

2.      Determine link to user profile.

3.      If you are an MVP or other external moderator, escalate the issue and provide the detailed information indicated above.

4.      Ban requests are periodically reviewed and processed according to internal rules and guidelines. Users who request bans are notified about the status of the requests as soon as action is taken or denied.


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