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It is important for moderators to manage thread titles to make them accurately reflect the discussion taking place in the forum. Thread titles can be edited on threads that are unlocked only. To edit the thread title, you must edit the first post in the thread. A text box containing the title will be displayed.


The following considerations should be taken into account when determining if a title is appropriate:

·        Title length – The length of the title should not be so long that it looks like a full message.

·        Descriptiveness – The title should not be so vague that it does not help users navigating to the forum or finding questions using search.

·        Sensationalized titles – Titles that are constructed for the purpose of sensationalizing, accentuating, or highlighting one thread over another is to be avoided. Example so sensationalized titles are ones that use asterisks, all capital letters, etc.

When moderators consider changing titles, remember that thread titles “sell” the thread. It gives readers an instant idea of what the thread discusses. It is not too specific, nor too vague.





Thread Title


Title length

In Excel 2003 it dont show orange colour for any kind of formating in cell, if I set it manually it will automatically get disapear in next file, if somebody send me a excel sheet containing orange data / cells in orange colour, it comes in cofee color

This thread title contains message text and needs to be shortened. A better title would be:


Formatting Excel 2003 cell colors

Descriptiveness Example 1

Excel Question

Every question on Microsoft Excel is an Excel question, so this title does not accurately describe what the question is about. For example, if the question is about formatting columns in Excel, the title should be changed to:


Formatting Excel columns

Descriptiveness Example 2

Error 646

This error message is too general and doesn’t provide any context. For example if the user receives the error while installing KB967642, a more descriptive title would be:


Error 646 While Installing KB967642

Sensationalized titles


The poster uses this title for the sole purpose of gaining attention. The title should be changed to something that reflects the actual discussion, such as:


IE8 crashes when visiting specific Web sites.


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