Matrix AutoLaw: Dangers, Network Architecture Considerations, Protocols, Rulemaking, Records and Identity

Matrix AutoLaw: Dangers, Network Architecture Considerations, Protocols, Rulemaking, Records and Identity


The goal should be sustainable life and paradise.

Digital Optical Computers (DOC's) are now capable of accepting either digital or optical data or wavelengths. Inside these wavelet recorders, metadata indexing is possible and digital look up tables can be pre-programmed or affected in real time, either by computers or live operators. This samples the digital data streams or optical waveforms for content and can change this content from one form to another, find and replace the information, and add or delete information "on the fly" in very near to real time.

What this means is an ability to falsify information about people in real time by network operators using DOC computers in unregulated, cybercriminal or cyberwar environments. Any information can be affected. They can also be used to create generated data or optical waveforms in any quantity for point to multipoint networks. When tied together in disparate locations, they form a multipoint to multipoint network, which can have any number of layers of special encoding between them to continuously re-route information. They are already in use in China and will soon be installed as part of the original Theater Network Project by the author of this subject. Sony is putting it into place as we speak, although they never obtained permission to use this proprietary design, business plan or technology.

What makes it significant is: it works in conjunction with Sony spyware, already in place on most computers throughout the world, via music disks. Once these DOC's are in place on the backbone network created by interconnected large screen image display systems and multiplexes, they will be able to interconnect to any spyware on any device and affect it on the fly, such as embedded devices inside of the human body and brain.

Due to the anonymity of the network systems, in combination with DOC disinformation ability, the danger is anonymous attacks on anonymous victims, most notably medical devices. Although Sony is an example of this, there are others, such as Korean DOC's being utilized by UCLA,  QuVis wavelet recorders, Israeli systems, and advertising agencies. These advertising agencies are currently investigating micro-profiling techniques and have unregulated access via networks to medical devices.

The main points are that without Identity management, not only to protect privacy but to establish identity, that has the ability to compare information with that affected by these DOC's on the networks, there is no way to assure what the correct information is, it's location, those using it, it's purpose, or it's affects and effects. The FBI has databases filled with false information and the TSA clearly had wrong information about passengers erroneously put on "no fly lists", such as former Senator, Edward Kennedy.

In terms of brain interfaces and the ability to affect a mind interactively using these DOC abilities, the situation is clear...any solution to protect a person from unwanted influence or attack must have the following characteristics:

1) It must be automated due to the very fast subliminal mind, much too slow, not private, and labor intensive if using human operators to deflect signals if they could detect them.

2) It must be robust and precise. Failure is not an option when it involves human life.

3) It must be done quickly and in conjunction with human network extensions, equipment and software standards.

4) It must have energy grid safeguards built into the system, (backups) to prevent power failure.

5) It must be oriented to individual human rights. A brain which says no, should be able to block "brain calls".

6) There should be laws within this environment that emotions and thoughts are a human right and so is the choice about how they spend their time, as long as their actions are not life threatening.

7) Children must be protected from mind control and cybercriminals.

8) Experimentation on human subjects must be monitored in real time.

9) Permanent records should be kept for historical reasons and to prove and/or disprove any event. These must uphold personal privacy rights. Personal Identifying Information (PII) must be available for review in circumstances involving the rights of an individual, so that the truthful and exact information can be cross referenced with any other information in a dispute or investigation. For example: Criminal Investigations or evidence. The subliminal mind does not lie and information can be obtained in real time related to the falsehood or truthfulness at any given time.

10) It must be tied to the Atomic Clock for accurate timing.

11) There should be a clear International Network Interface Architecture to prevent Cybercrime and Cyberwarfare against International populations.

12) The system must be able to sample populations and cross reference these thoughts to obtain real time data on the absolutes in the World to identify actual threats to survival.

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  • Update 06 25 2010- Here is a link to the new Standards of WIMAX Femtocells:

  • Update 06 26 2010- Here is the invitation code to join the Windows Server 2008 R2 Security Compliance Beta for automated Security Solution Accelerators: Invitation URL:

  • Update 06 29 2010- Here is a link to NIST (National Institutes of Standards and Technology 800 53A addendum) for Securuty of Federal and non Federal network systems.

  • Update 07 03 2010- Watch the webcast on Microsoft Security Compliance with Microsoft Global Foundations Services. This shows the processes Microsoft uses for security compliance with regulations and NIST guidelines and requirements:

  • Update 07 06 2010- Here is the link to a powerpoint presentation on Sharepoint Architecture. While reviewing the requirements, think of it in terms of brains as input and output of the network and how security and flow would work in real time environments.

  • Update 07 09 2010- Here is a link to "The Rules of Identity" by Kim Cameron. It is a conceptual framework for PII (Personal Identifying Information) and Networks. Rule number 6 refers to interaction with human brains. I would argue that the end to end is not server to brain, but rather brain to brain.

  • Update 07 20 2010- Here is the link to the FBI report on Mass Marketing Fraud.

  • Update 09 04 2010- Here is the link to the NIST release on Smart Grid Cybersecurity:

  • Update 05 17 2011- Here is a link to an informative course on Forefront Identiy Manager, with articles, videos and live labs for each of the segments.

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