SCOM: Sample Maturity Model for Operations Manager 2007 Deployments

SCOM: Sample Maturity Model for Operations Manager 2007 Deployments

I'd like to get community feedback on this proposed and unofficial maturity model for System Center Operations Manager 2007 deployments.  I'd like to know if this is useful for people in seeing what additional value they can get from their SCOM implementation and if the descriptions are useful and do they match with how the community would think about this.  Please post comments in this article.



[The idea behind this sample is to provide a possible maturity model for operations management by describing the characteristics of each maturity level and then identifying the Operations Manager features that might be used at each level.
Maturity Level

·         Single management group, installed on one server, performs basic monitoring

·         No Hi availability for any server role

·         No longitudinal view of data (reporting)

·         No ACS , AEM, cross plat, or cross Kerberos boundary monitoring

·         No custom mp’s (excluding any override mp)

·         Few, if any overrides

·         No separation between pre-production and production environments

·         All monitoring occurs in the Operations console, little to no configuration of notifications

·         The IT generalist performs all roles, Ops Admin, Operator, Author etc.

·         Monitors a limited (< 100) Windows based computers


·         Single management group, no separation of pre-prod and prod environments

·         Server roles distributed

o   SQL is clustered

o   Multiple management servers

o   May contain a clustered RMS

o   One or more gateway servers

o   Reporting is configured

·         Makes use of Operations Manager user Roles (administrator and operator functions are performed by different people)

·         Uses notifications

·         May use ACS/AEM/X-plat

·         Monitors a moderate number (100 <X<1500) of Windows and Cross Platform Devices

·         Maintains multiple override management packs , uses targeting effectively

·         Creates basic monitoring using the authoring view in the operations console

·         Makes use of basic CommandShell automation

·         Fluent in the use of out of the box reports


·         Multiple management groups

o   Pre-production environment for MP tuning and testing

o   Production environment consisting of multiple management groups

o   Use of connected management groups

·         All server roles distributed, hi availability for RMS, OperationsManager, OperationsManager and, OperationsManagerACS databases

·         Makes use of all Operations Manager server roles

·         Sophisticated management pack lifecycle and versioning management

·         Used in the largest monitoring scenarios, includes Windows devices, UNIX\Linux devices, monitoring across Kerberos trust boundaries

·         Sophisticated division of labor using all Operations Manager User Role based security roles

·         Fluent in mp authoring, fluent in overrides and targeting, uses the Authoring console

·         Fluent in report authoring

·         Sophisticated CommandShell automation


·         Everything in Rationalized

·         Integration with other monitoring and trouble ticketing systems

·         Uses multiple methods to automate agent deployment

·         Uses AD Integration to automate agent configuration

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