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By default when we create any item in MOSS 2007 calendar, we only get Start Time in Calendar View.
To display the End Time of an event follow below steps
  • ·        Create a new column with Calculated type.
  • ·        Enter a name, as data type choose date & time.
  • ·        And enter below formula
=Title&" from "&TEXT([Start Time],"hh:mm AM/PM")&" to "&TEXT([End Time];"hh:mm AM/PM")
  • ·        After you have successfully created this column you have to modify the Calendar View.
  • ·        So go back to the Calendar and click on Modify View. You will see an area called 'Calendar Columns’; there you can specify which column should be shown.
  • ·        Change the Views Month, Week and Day. Here you have to choose newly created Column.
  • ·        Click Ok and have a look at the result
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