Network Monitor SMB Filtering

Network Monitor SMB Filtering

Data Fields:




SMB.Command Filter on a specific SMB Command number SMB.Command==0x2F
SMB.NTStatus Represents the error value of an SMB command.  The example looks for any frame with an error (non zero). SMB.NTStatus != 0


Property Description Example
SMBFileID The File ID for any kind of SMB request. SMBFileID==0x4000
SMBFileName The file name for an SMB request.  This might also be stored as conversation state information so there may not be associated frame data. SMBFileName.Contains("xxx")
SMBCommand Represents the SMB command for the current frame.  If two SMB Commands exist, this will only represent the last one. SMBCommand==0x2F
SMBPID Process ID for the SMB command based on the value in the SMB header. SMBPID==0x1234
SMBStatus SMB Status represented as a Numeric value. SMBStatus != 0

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