BizTalk Server: Glossary of Terms

BizTalk Server: Glossary of Terms

BizTalk Environment - A BizTalk environment is a complete installation of BizTalk, including all the artifacts required to run. SQL, BizTalk etc. This can be on a stand-alone environment or over many different servers in a multi-server environment.

BizTalk Server - This is the server running the artifacts in BizTalk, like the Orchestration, Receive locations send ports, etc. This is the server that process data in a BizTalk environment.

BizTalk SQL Server - This is the SQL server for BizTalk running the databases used by BizTalk and the SQL Agent jobs

DTA - DTA is the tracking data for BizTalk, it standas for Data Tracking Archive. Its used to talk to the refernce of the tracking data or in the SQL database BizTalkDTADb (BizTalk trracking database)

Msgbox - shortname for the BizTalk Messagebox, and is the location where all messages goes through in BizTalk, the messagebox is a database and is named BizTalkMsgBoxDb

Orchestration - Orchestrations perform tasks and are a part of the processing of a messages in BizTalk.

Receive Port - A receive port in BizTalk is a logical port for receving messages in BizTalk

Receive location - A receive location is a physical port to receive messages for BizTalk

Send Port Group - This is a group that contains several send ports, and can route the same message to many location through its send ports.

Send Port - This is a physical send port sending messages out of BizTalk

Global Tracking - The phrase global tracking is set to track global data, this is service instances and the in and out events.
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