Network Monitor TCP Filtering

Network Monitor TCP Filtering

Data Fields:




TCP.Port Filters on the Source or Destination port.  Used to find traffic based on port which is often associated with an application. TCP.Port==80
TCP.Flags.Reset Can be used to test and see if the reset flag is set. TCP.Flags.Reset==1
TCP.Window Window Size of the current TCP frame, but ignoring the scale factor. See Property.TCPWindowSize below. TCP.Window == 0


Property Description Example
TCPRetransmit A property that is set when a TCP retransmit is found.  Retransmits are often an indication of a network infrastructure problem and network congestion. Property.TCPRetransmit == 1
TCPPayloadLength Represents the TCP Payload Size. TCPPayloadLength == 0
TCPCheckSumStatus This is a string that represents if the check sum is valid or not.  This could be "Good" or "Bad". TCPCheckSumStatus != "Good"
TCPDescription A property to show the TCP Description for the current frame as opposed to the top most protocol description.  This is useful as a frame summary column.  You can also use it to search for specific retransmitted frames by searching for the text in the TCP summary, as the example shows. TCPDescription.Contains("#472")
TCPAckNumber The current frame's Acknowledgement Number TCPAckNumber==1234
TCPSeqNumber The current frame's Sequence Number TCPSeqNumber==1234
TCPSeqeunceRange The TCP Sequence range, as a string, which is the current seq number to the current seq plus the length of the TCP payload. TCPSequenceRange.Contains("1234")
TCPShortAckNumber A WORD representation of the Ack number to make it easy to compare and remember. TCPShortAckNumber==1000
TCPShortSeqNumber A WORD representation of the Seq number to make it easy to compare and remember. TCPShortSeqNumber==1000
TCPFlags A string representation of the various TCP flags for the frame: CWR, ECE, Urgent, Ack, Push, Reset, Syn, Fin. TCPFlags.Contains("R")
TCPWindowSize The Window Size for the current frame including the scaling factor if the 3 way handshake is available in the same trace. TCPWindowSize==0

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