TechNet Wiki: Getting Started

TechNet Wiki: Getting Started

To get started with the Wiki, you can view content or you can contribute by adding information to existing articles, updating content, or adding new pages and stub articles


Quick Tour of the Wiki

View this quick, 1-minute, whirlwind tour of the wiki from Sean Jenkin:

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If You Want to Find and Read Content

Finding content in the Wiki is easy!

To find information

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If You Want to Contribute

The community needs your support. Any new content you can provide helps the community find solutions, troubleshoot, learn feature details and discover code snippets, deployment scenarios and a host of other details. Overview of how to contribute.

To contribute:

Make sure you follow the Code of Conduct:

Learn how to write and edit an article:

Here are some other things you can do:

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TechNet Wiki Feature Ideas

Add your TechNet Wiki feature ideas here: TechNet Wiki Feature Requests

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TechNet Wiki Support

You can ask questions in the TechNet Wiki forum, but we don't guarantee fixes. For direct support, use the TechNet Wiki Site Feedback form.

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See Also

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Other Languages

This article is also available in the following languages:

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  • I can tell the author of this article really went above and beyond with the research for this content. I am impressed with your insight.

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  • Excelent!

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  • Sound absence was due to wrong Default Audio Device.  Went to Control Panel\sound and switched the default.

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    Good article.

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