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The purpose this wiki page, is to provide what may be a one off type issue for us, but to provide information that came through support.  The case was in reference to some GUI problems while creating a management agent.


During the creation of the management agent, we are get to the Configure Attribute Flow section and see that the Radio Buttons for the Mapping Type and the Flow Direction are gone.  We have noticed the ability to click around, and seem to be able to get the Radio button to select the option that we want selected, but we are not able to see the radio buttons.

Radio Buttons Not Visible

Radio Buttons Visible


In this case, we were using the Remote Desktop Client for Windows to have the Radio Buttons be visible for us.  If we utilized the Remote Desktop Client for the MAC, then the Radio Buttons would not be visible.


The resolution was to use the Remote Desktop Client for Windows.  The Remote Desktop Client for the MAC is not supported on the MAC OS version being utilized in this case. 
We can find additional information on this blog.



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