Winsxs folder consumes more space on windows 7

Winsxs folder consumes more space on windows 7

Operating system

Windows 7 SP1

Windows 2008 server R2


Low disk space issue due to the Winsxs folder consumes more size on windows 7


WinSxs is a component store (\Winsxs) needed to repair the OS binaries in the event that a file becomes corrupted or, in worst case scenarios, compromised.

  There are a few directories in the component store so let’s look at them and what their general role is in Windows.

\Winsxs\Catalogs:  Contains security catalogs for each manifest on the system

\Winsxs\InstallTemp: Temporary location for install events

\Winsxs\Manifests: Component manifest for a specific component, used during operations to make sure files end up where they should

\Winsxs\Temp: Temp directory used for various operations, you’ll find pending renames here

\Winsxs\Backup: Backups of the manifest files in case the copy in \Winsxs\Manifests becomes corrupted

\Winsxs\Filemaps: File system mapping to a file location

\Winsxs\<big_long_file_name>: The payload of the specific component, typically you will see the binaries here.

We can’t delete the Winsxs folder because of its importance. If we delete those folder system won’t boot and a blue  screen error will come. But we can reduce the file size of the folder using the inbuilt windows command line tool.

The compcln.exe and VSP1CLN.EXE tools used in windows vista never help for this case.

Open the command prompt with an administrative privilege and execute the command as shown below

“dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded”

Where DISM  (Deployment image servicing and management Tool) utility used in windows 7/Windows 2008 server R2 replaces the pkgmgr, PEImg, and IntlConfg tools.

The /online switch tells DISM to work on the running OS installation

The /spsuperseded option removes the backup files created during installation.

Wait for sometimes after executing the command.

After completing the operation execute the below command one by one

Takeown /f %windir%\winsxs\ManifestCache\*

Icacls %windir%\winsxs\ManifestCache\* /GRANT administrators:F

Del /q %windir%\winsxs\ManifestCache\*

Restart the computer.


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