SQL Azure Data Sync - Cost Considerations

SQL Azure Data Sync - Cost Considerations

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SQL Azure Data Sync Service is free to use for all SQL Azure users, however standard data transfer rates apply if synchronization is occurring between data centers in geographically diverse locations.

For more information, see http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/offers/popup.aspx?lang=en&locale=en-US&offer=COMPARE_PUBLIC

It is possible that when we release v1 there will be some charges for using the service. Watch this article for further developments.

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Reduce Your Costs

You can reduce your costs by minizing the data traffic leaving a data center.
  • Locate your Data Sync server in the region where you have the most data traffic.
  • Locate your sync group hub in the data center to where you have the most data traffic.
  • Synchronize only as often as is required by your business needs.
    This means some sync groups will synchronize often and others less frequently. For example, do you need your payroll sync group to synchronize every five minutes or would weekly or monthly be sufficient?



This release was provided in order to gather feedback from our customers. Now that you have previewed what the SQL Azure Data Sync team is doing, please let us know what you think of our direction, and tell us about your experiences. You can send us your thoughts in any of the following ways:


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