SharePoint 2010: Considering migrating from existing technology to SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint 2010: Considering migrating from existing technology to SharePoint 2010?

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messy or other famous international players, SharePoint 2010 attracts a tremendous number of its fans around the world to the huge stadium where it would be likely bring its excited flowers many promising spectacular scores ever made in history.

As an owner like Roman Abramovich, or Al Nahyan, you would want to bring SharePoint to your organization in order to get income. This also means you dismiss some players out of your team, isn’t this?

I’m joking.

So, would you want to replace existing technology by SharePoint 2010? I’ve been asked by some guys as to the consideration of migrating from their existing technology like Alfresco, Lotus Notes, Nuxeo or so on to SharePoint 2010. I’m not going to talk about those cases when some folks carried out a migration of technology quickly by their technical skills or a particular migration tool. What I want is to share my point of views when migrating from existing technology to SharePoint 2010. What the factors should you consider?

For example, you have a client that uses Alfresco and intends to migrate to SharePoint 2010. That client wants a benchmark between SharePoint 2010 and the latest Alfresco build supposed. Another example, your company has been used Lotus Notes for 5 years, your boss has heard about phenomenal capability of SharePoint 2010, he then asks you to consider migrating from Lotus Notes to SharePoint 2010. What should you do now? Would you simply agree with your boss and then start migrating to SharePoint?

The following things you should consider before migrating to SharePoint 2010.

  • Cost Reduction: Would the cost of managing, maintenance, administration resources be reduced after migrating to SharePoint 2010? Does SharePoint 2010 help your organization reduce TCO, or increase ROI for a long-term? Have you ever determined the true cost of SharePoint? Or Total Economic Impact of SharePoint 2010 – Microsoft
  • Enhancement: utilizing new useful features is one of key reasons for a migration while you cannot do something on Lotus Notes, for example. So to improve your business productivity, you consider migrating to SharePoint 2010. Additional reference: 10 ways SharePoint 2010 will impact your Lotus Notes migration
  • Partnership/Customers: Your partners or customers need to work with your organization but Alfresco doesn’t meet those needs, so you really need to change to SharePoint 2010. For example, your software partner needs a secure collaboration environment where the sensitive documents must be avoided printing or cppying by someone. Moreover, all documents must be protected from malicious or malware, but Lotus Notes doesn’t support. Or there is no third-party integrated on Lotus Notes supporting that. To that end, you would consider SharePoint 2010 and Active Directory Right Management Services, and Forefront Protection for SharePoint working together in order for your organization to build a powerful collaboration.
  • Support Services: while SharePoint is supported by not only Microsoft but also thousands of companies/developers/experts around the world. How about Lotus Notes? Would Alfresco be supported among continents like SharePoint?
  • Customization: would customizing on Alfresco or Nuxeo be easier than SharePoint? Which tools do you use to customize? It its cost more expensive? Would the salary of a Lotus Notes developer be cheaper than a SharePoint developer? Is it easier to seek a SharePoint developer?
  • Flexibility, Scalability: Could Alfresco be more flexible than SharePoint? Or when scaled out, would Alfresco be better than SharePoint?
  • Integration: when selecting a new technology, integration factor is crucial for a long-term of improving your business using technology. An easier integration ability helps you reduce cost when making an eco-technology inside your organization. Could Alfresco be integrated with other existing systems? Do you have to buy a third-party once you want to integrate Alfresco to other systems?
  • Connectivity: Could Nuxeo have ability to connect to external database systems like Oracle, SAP, DB2, and SQL Server? Business Connectivity Services on SharePoint 2010 definitively helps do that, but how about Nuxeo or Alfresco?
  • Across Platform: Could Lotus Notes likely be used on iOS, or Android, or Windows Phone operating system, or mobile devices like iPad, Samsung tablet?
  • Mobility: Could you complete your tasks when out of your office? Do you want to collaborate with your colleague directly on you mobile phone?

Alfresco, or SharePoint or such application platforms which provide full ECM functionality, collaboration..etc.…can be customized to meet what your organization needs. However, making a decision to use a new technology replacing an existing technology requires you have to consider many aspects around that technology. It’s very dangerous if you would just compare features of two technologies.

Remember, I don’t have any biased opinion on SharePoint. If SharePoint actually helps your business be improved, let’s bring SharePoint to your organization and pick it as a striker in your formation.

Hope you and your family and friends have all great minutes enjoying Euro 2012. I bet Germany will be the champion. And you?

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