Active Directory: Get-ADUser Default and Extended Properties

Active Directory: Get-ADUser Default and Extended Properties

The concept of default and extended properties available with the PowerShell Active Directory cmdlets are defined in Active Directory: PowerShell AD Module Properties. The PowerShell Get-ADUser cmdlet supports the default and extended properties in the following table. Many can be assigned values with the Set-ADUser cmdlet. In the table, default properties are shown with the property name highlighted in cyan. Extended properties are highlighted in pink.

Property Syntax R/RW lDAPDisplayName
AccountExpirationDate DateTime RW accountExpires, converted to local time
AccountLockoutTime DateTime RW lockoutTime, converted to local time
AccountNotDelegated Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 1048576)
AllowReversiblePasswordEncryption Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 128)
BadLogonCount Int32 R badPwdCount
CannotChangePassword Boolean RW nTSecurityDescriptor
CanonicalName String R canonicalName
Certificates ADCollection RW userCertificate
ChangePasswordAtLogon Boolean W If pwdLastSet = 0
City String RW l
CN String R cn
Company String RW company
Country String RW c (2 character abbreviation)
Created DateTime R whenCreated
Deleted Boolean R isDeleted
Department String RW department
Description String RW description
DisplayName String RW displayName
DistinguishedName String (DN) R distinguishedName
Division String RW division
DoesNotRequirePreAuth Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 4194304)
EmailAddress String RW mail
EmployeeID String RW employeeID
EmployeeNumber String RW employeeNumber
Enabled Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask not 2)
Fax String RW facsimileTelephoneNumber
GivenName String RW givenName
HomeDirectory String RW homeDirectory
HomedirRequired Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 8)
HomeDrive String RW homeDrive
HomePage String RW wWWHomePage
HomePhone String RW homePhone
Initials String RW initials
LastBadPasswordAttempt DateTime R badPasswordTime, converted to local time
LastKnownParent String (DN) R lastKnownParent
LastLogonDate DateTime R lastLogonTimeStamp, converted to local time
LockedOut Boolean RW msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed (bit mask 16)
LogonWorkstations String RW userWorkstations
Manager String (DN) RW manager
MemberOf ADCollection R memberOf
MNSLogonAccount Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 131072)
MobilePhone String RW mobile
Modified DateTime R whenChanged
Name String R cn (Relative Distinguished Name)
ObjectCategory String R objectCategory
ObjectClass String R objectClass, most specific value
ObjectGUID Guid R objectGUID converted to string
Office String RW physicalDeliveryOfficeName
OfficePhone String RW telephoneNumber
Organization String RW o
OtherName String RW middleName
PasswordExpired Boolean RW msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed (bit mask 8388608)
PasswordLastSet DateTime RW pwdLastSet, local time
PasswordNeverExpires Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 64)
PasswordNotRequired Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 32)
POBox String RW postOfficeBox
PostalCode String RW postalCode
PrimaryGroup String R Group with primaryGroupToken
ProfilePath String RW profilePath
ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion Boolean RW nTSecurityDescriptor
SamAccountName String RW sAMAccountName
ScriptPath String RW scriptPath
ServicePrincipalNames ADCollection RW servicePrincipalName
SID Sid R objectSID converted to string
SIDHistory ADCollection R sIDHistory
SmartcardLogonRequired Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 262144)
State String RW st
StreetAddress String RW streetAddress
Surname String RW sn
Title String RW title
TrustedForDelegation Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 524288)
TrustedToAuthForDelegation Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 16777216)
UseDESKeyOnly Boolean RW userAccountControl (bit mask 2097152)
UserPrincipalName String RW userPrincipalName

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