DFSR Event 5012 (DFS Replication)

DFSR Event 5012 (DFS Replication)

Event Details

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 5012
Source: DFSR
Version: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 R2

The DFS Replication service failed to communicate with partner %1 for replication group %2. The partner did not recognize the connection or the replication group configuration.

The service will retry the connection periodically.


DFS Replication failed to communicate with a replication group member because the member didn’t have the same configuration information. DFS Replication will retry this operation, which might resolve after configuration changes replicate through Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).


DFS Replication could not establish a connection with the member. This error can occur for the following reasons:
  • An administrator recently made a configuration change or created a new replication group. If two replication group members obtain their configuration data from different domain controllers, they may have mismatched configuration data due to AD DS replication latencies.
  • An administrator altered AD DS permissions.


Wait for configuration changes to replicate with AD DS

DFS Replication will retry this operation, which usually resolves automatically after configuration changes replicate through AD DS.

To poll immediately for configuration changes, open a command prompt window and then type the following command once for each member of the replication group, where <domain> is the domain the server is located in and <server> is the server name:

Dfsrdiag PollAD /Member:<domain>\<server>

If this problem persists, verify that AD DS replication is working and that the service is able to reach a domain controller. If the problem persists for 8 hours, the DFS Replication service will disable the connection and log DFS Replication Event 5016.

Test AD DS connectivity

To test DFS Replication’s ability to communicate with AD DS, open a command prompt window and then type the following command: Dfsrdiag pollad /verbose. The command should report Operation Succeeded. If not, there is a problem communicating with AD DS.


To confirm that the issue is resolved, look for DFS Replication Event 5004 in the Event Viewer.

To manually verify the replication topology, see Repair a Disconnected Topology (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=187103).

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