Hyper-V: Tools

Hyper-V: Tools

This is a list of tools, resources, and external links to download and learn about those tools.

Supported Microsoft Tools (Solution Accelerators, Product Downloads, etc.)

NOTE: This list is roughly in the order of use. For example, you will use the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) during the planning phase, which is before deployment. 

Microsoft Products and Solutions that are Built upon Hyper-V Technology

Remote Management from Client Versions of Windows

Unsupported Microsoft Tools (Sysinternals, MSDN/ScriptCenter Code Galleries, TechNet/MSDN Blogs)

Community Tools (CodePlex and blogs)

Third-party Free Tools

Hardware-Specific Tools from OEMs and Vendors

Partner Solutions (Commercially Available)

Application-specific Performance Planning/Testing/Analysis tools

See Also

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  • Great overview about the Hyper-v Tools

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  • Very helpful article!

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  • Really good collection and overview of Hyper-V Tools. Thanks!

  • 5Nine Hyper-V Manager -  product is a branded version of vtCommander (http://vtcommander.com) that was developed and completely owned by VT Technology Inc.

    That being said VT Technology decided to discontinue licensing of the branded version of its software, including a free version that was distributed by 5nine for a limited time. Good news is that VT Technology is going to release a free preview for Windows 8 soon. Going forward vtCommander and a new free preview will be available exclusively from VT Technology.

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  • Hi,

    I just published an open source backup tool for Hyper-V, supporting also CSV volumes: hypervbackup.codeplex.com

    Can you please add it to the list of third party free tools? :-)

  • AlexPilotti: Feel free to