Sometimes you cannot find the reason why your article is not displayed correctly.
This article is meant to report your issue and to get it fixed with help of the community.

Ask Help!

It's not always easy to find the root cause of badly behaving layout of a Wiki article. It usely comes down to troubleshoot your HTML code.
But finding the culprit in your own article is hard, you easily look over it.
So, why don't you ask help and have someone else looking into it?

The Wiki community is there to help you out!
Let us know if it doesn't work out:  In the section below, post the link to your article and describe  what exactly is going wrong.

Articles to fix

Add article, the date reported, link to your article and  some description of the issue you struggling with.

Template Article Name
Date: 30/jul/2012
Artilcle link: <http://...>
Issue: <Symptoms to fix>

Articles fixed

This section will list the fixed articles recently.
It's not meant to maintain all fixed articles, but only the last few (10 at max).

If you fix an article, add the root cause + fix in the article comment section.

In this artlice, you might also add a short description of your solution.

It's useful to add some explanation, this allows to report back to the Wiki admins.
And other people will benefit and learn from it.

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