Wiki: How to Get Banned

Wiki: How to Get Banned

The Wiki community wants to keep the TechNet Wiki running smoothly as a great place to collaborate. Doing things that damage other people's ability to collaborate will get you banned from the Wiki.

More than anything else, please be nice. “Not nice” activities will get you banned from the TechNet Wiki. For more information about maintaining a neutral point of view (NPOV) in your Wiki work, see the definition of NPOV in Roles.

Examples of “not nice” behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Unwanted non-technical or commercial content (e.g., “spam”). This is any content that runs afoul of the community's principles and technical focus. This could be text, video, tags, or any other kind of content hosted on the Wiki.
  • Flagrant disregard of community standards and code of conduct.
  • Noncompliance with the terms of use.
  • Using the wiki for purposes other than sharing technical and industry-related information of interest to IT pros and developers. Some examples include:
    • Political campaigning.
    • Purely marketing/compete information.
    • Slashdotting.
  • Using multiple accounts/personas for the purpose of impersonating another, avoiding responsibility, manufacturing controversy, or engaging in abusive behavior. For example, changing your user name to include the _MSFT suffix when you are not a Microsoft employee (you can tell if a TN Wiki user is a Microsoft employee by looking at their e-mail address “”)
  • Abusive behavior, as in these examples. 
    • Name calling.
    • Impersonation.
    • Advertising. Providing technical information is OK, promoting a particular solution is not.
      • OK: “If you need to program against this you can use X, Y or Z”.
      • Not OK: “If you need to program against this you can use <consulting firm contact info> to do X, Y or Z”.
    • Going beyond interoperability information into “boosterism“ or “commerical solicitation”.
      • OK: “You can also use X, Y, or Z”. In other words, present all sides of the situation and let the reader decide for themself.
      • Not OK: “I can tell you that my program, Z, does this better than anything else, and you should never use X or Y”.
    • Plagiarism. For example, copying the work of another into a wiki article and then Saving it without any modification, editing, or enhancement by you.
    • Engaging in flamewars of any type (programming language, coding style, technology choice, so on) — informed discussion is welcomed and encouraged. Please keep the discussions civil, technically focused, and leading toward mutual understanding rather than “winning the point.”
    • Disclosing confidential information.
    • Defamation of character, also known as “libel” or “slander”, whether directed at an individual or company.

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