SharePoint 2013: How to Configure Managed Metadata Service

SharePoint 2013: How to Configure Managed Metadata Service

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As in SharePoint 2010 we can configure Metadata Term Store Management on SharePoint 2013. Actually everybody knows what Term store Management is, but let’s have a look again.
Metadata actually plays a very critical role across the organization. When we want to identify any specific information, we tag the information.

We always begin with a Term. Term is any phrase or a word given to identify specific content or information on a site.

Metadata plays very critical role in defining a strict policy of tagging items based on specific terms only which will internally help people to find and locate the information easily when they search any content specific to their area of interest. When any items tagged properly, then the search becomes very easy.



If you want to create a new Service Application connect to the Central Administration and click on Manage Service Applications



Select Managed Metadata Service



SharePoint will prompt you a little wizard and you have to fill some information to create your service.

Please provide a:

  • Name – ( in my case: Managed Metadata )
  • Database Name – ( in my case: WSS_Config_ManagedMetadata_DB )
  • Application Pool: ( in my case: SpAppPool Intranet )
  • Configurable Account: ( in my case: SPFARM)



When you finished giving all the information to the wizard, you should see that the service has been started. Be sure that the same is for you.



On the ribbon click to Administrators and provide a user who will get “full control” for these services.

I’m using SPFarm, but remember this is NOT a good manner. You have to use a Managed Account.



The next step will be to check under Services on Server if the Managed Metadata Service is running.



Create a new Term Set Audi, and creates new Terms. In my case I used Lease cars and provided:

  • Audi A1 TDI
  • Audi A3 TDI 1.6
  • Audi A3 TDI 1.9
  • Audi A4 TDI 2.0 Break
  • Audi A6 TDI 3.0 Break
  • Audi A8 TDI 4.5


Create now a new custom list, and add a new column. The type should be Managed Metadata and select your Term set AUDI.

When you want to fill any value beginning with Audi, you will see a little list with all the values of Term Set.



2 new options are available under Term Store Management;

  • Reuse Term (meaning that you can use this under a new Term Set)
  • Pin term with children ( BMW 520 has been pinned to another Term Set as child )


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