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In this study guide, I am focusing on the material related to Project 2010, which includes both Project Standard and Professional 2010, as well as Project Server 2010.  For those of you who might be wondering what Project 2010 is all about, the following brief definition may be useful.

"Microsoft Project 2010 offers flexibility and choice by providing tailored project management solutions for individuals, teams, and enterprises."

I have drawn the definition from the main Microsoft site for Project 2010.  That URL can be found here.

As I go through this guide, you'll find references to Project 2010 (both Standard and Professional) and Project Server 2010.  This is because Project Standard 2010 and Project Professional 2010 provide a subset of the features offered by Project Server 2010.  While I am focusing primarily on Project Server, I am also including information related to these other versions of Project since it is also applicable to Project Server.  If you want to understand which features are available for each version of this software, you can compare their features here.

NOTE: At the bottom of this study guide I have included some brief information previewing Project Server 2013.  As noted in the TechNet site where this information resides, "this documentation is preliminary and subject to change".

Videos and Webcasts

Articles and Documentation

Virtual Labs

Scripts and Code Samples


Useful Websites

Useful Blogs



  • Project 2010 Community 
  • Microsoft Project
    • Project Online General Questions and Answers
    • Project Standard and Professional General Questions and Answers
    • Project Server General Question and Answers
    • Project Server - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation
    • Project Customization and Programming

Project Server 2013 (Preview)

  • Recently Published Content
  • Downloadable Content
  • Video Demos and Training
  • Explore
    • What's new for IT Pros in Project Server 2013 Preview
  • Plan
    • Hardware and software requirements
    • Plan for performance and capacity
    • Plan user access
    • Plan for deployment
  • Develop
  • Install and Configure
    • Deploy Project Server 2013 Preview to a server farm environment
    • Upgrade to Project Server 2013 Preview
    • Install Project Server 2013 Preview to a stand-alone computer
    • Configure site mailboxes in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview
  • Operate and Maintain
    • Server Settings (SharePoint Central Administration)
  • Use
    • Security
    • Enterprise Data
    • Database Administration
    • Operational Policies
    • Add SharePoint task list data to Project Server 2013 Previe
  • Security and Protection
  • Technical Reference
    • Windows PowerShell for Project Server 2013 reference
    • Global permissions in Project Server 2013 Preview
    • Category permissions in Project Server 2013 Preview
    • Default categories in Project Server 2013 Preview
    • Default group permissions in Project Server 2013 Preview
    • SharePoint Permissions Mode default permissions for Project Server 2013 SharePoint groups
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