Installing SQL

SharePoint is considered to be a Front End Server, It does not stores any data, It just fetches the data from SQL. SQL is a Back End Server which stores the SharePoint Database - Configuration and Content

While Installing SharePoint, we do have an option to Install the default "Embedded SQL Server 2005 Express" or you can install a full version of SQL and then connect the SharePoint to that SQL Server

In this lab, we will Install SQL Enterprise 2005

* Make sure you are logged on to a Windows 2003 Member Server (domain login) with "SQL_Admin" Account

Choose only the "SQL Server Database Services"...

Instance: A Name given to the SQL which will be used to connect to It. You can have multiple instances of SQL running on the same server. Different applications will use different instances to connect to the same SQL Server

SQL Services running with the SQL_Admin Account

Also, do note the name of the SQL Instance (default) - MSSQLSERVER

The SQL Installed above has only one Snap-In - SQL Server Configuration Manager. It can be used to do basic configuration of the SQL Server. To manage the SQL Server completely, we need to install the "SQL Server Management Studio Express"

Choose the "SQL_Admin" Account to connect to the SQL Server

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