Stats prove that 2 out of every 3 companies adopt workforce metrics and analytics to bank their profit lines. Yet many organizations still struggle with developing a strategy and identifying where to start, what to measure, and how metrics and analytics can support business strategies. The
Workforce Metrics and Analytics Workshop is designed to help drive business results with data by providing a detailed roadmap for effectively leveraging metrics and analytics in any organization. Here are a few suggestions to help small and medium sized companies in enhancing knowledge and optimize resources.





• Kick-start workforce metrics and analytics journey


• Frame a map : Internal Labor Market (ILM)  that displays data on the flows of



talent in, up and out of an organization.



• Speak confidently about issues and best practices regarding human capital


metrics and analytics



• Understand and differentiate between human resources metrics and human


capital metrics.



• Define and describe best practices in the design of human capital dashboards

• Implement the framework of data, dialogue, action and results to achieve popularity.

• Define and describe three emerging practices in workforce analytics

• Identify key constituencies for maintaining a successful data-based approach

• Complete an action plan to overcome an obstacle to implementing metrics and


analytics at workplace.