This is the last part of my advices and feedbacks to the first Beta of known Azure-Services for on-premis installations. It should help you to uninstall previous version of Service Bus and Workflow. You can find the whole series also in the blog.

Use the following procedure to remove Workflow and Service Bus from a node in a farm. You must perform these actions on every node from which you want to delete Workflow and Service Bus.

1. Go to stare menu locate AppFabric Server and start configuration wizard. Remove the node from the farm as described in "Leaving a Farm". If you have lot of time you can also use PowerShell.

2. Open the Control Panel windows and uninstall following components:

Microsoft AppFabric

Microsoft Windows Fabric

After these steps ServiceBus and Workflow including Windows Azure Fabric which is running locally are removed. However all databases will remain at the SQL server. If you want to remove them, you can/should first make a backup.

You can use SQL Management Studio to remove the databases that were associated with Workflow and Service Bus.
Following databases are related to SB and WF Host:

a. AppFabricManagementDB

b. SbGatewayDatabase

c. SBContainer01

d. WFInstanceManagementDB

Last but not least. if you have Visual Studio installed at the machine and have previously installed Workflow Client, you will have to remove it too. If you don’t do it the installation of the new Workflow Client and Workflow itself will fail.