The purpose of this wiki page is to provide the steps to check for pending exports.


A Pending Export is an object that has already been synchronized and is in a Pending Export state on the Source and/or Target Object.  If you review a Connector Space object you will see the Pending Export Tab at the Top.

Reviewing a Pending Export, you can see the following:

  1. Distinguished Name: The name of the object.  For a FIM Service MA, like the one above it is a GUID.
  2. Modification Type: Explains what is going to happen to the object in the Connected Data Source
    1. Add = a new object to be created in the Connected Data Source
  3. Object Type: The type of object that has been modified
    1. Person


  1. In the FIM Synchronization Service Manager Console
  2. From the Tools menu, select Statistics
  3. You will see a dialog appear called Statistics

    *NOTE: You do not have to select a Management Agent, but if you are concerned about just one, then it will be helpful to select a particular Management Agent.

  4. Scroll all the way to the right

  5. Review Export Adds, Export Updates, Export Deletes

    *NOTE: If you have Pending Exports and are experiencing things like performance issues, and/or hangs, it is recommended to clear your Pending Exports and then test to see if you have the same performance issue and/or hang.
  6. If you want to know what those Pending Export objects are, then review the next section to see the objects slated for export.



  1. In the FIM Synchronization Service Manager console, select Management Agents
  2. Select the Management Agent that you want to check the Pending Exports
  3. From the Actions menu, select Search Connector Space

  4. In the Search Connector Space dialog, change the Scope dropdown to Pending Export

  5. Check the Modification Type that you want to view. 

    *NOTE: You can review the objects for a specific Modification Type, or you can view all three.  For the purposes of this wiki page, I am selecting all three.

  6. Once you check the Modification Type, then click the Search button
  7. If you have Pending Exports, then they will be listed in the Search Results
  8. To review an objects properties that is a Pending Export, simply do one of the following
    1. Select the object and then click the Properties button
    2. Double click the object in question



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