Windows Server 2012: How to Add an Account to a Local Administrator Group

Windows Server 2012: How to Add an Account to a Local Administrator Group

The new interactions on Server Manager as well as the next generation of administration interface may get you stuck on doing common administrative tasks which you have done quickly on Windows Server 2008. One of the tasks I have to do is add an account to the Local Administrator group. In this article, I will show you the step-by-step guidance on how to add an account to Local Administrator group. This article helps Windows Server 2012 beginning administrators facilitate server management as well as get Windows Server 2010 knowledge.

Open Server Manager. Click Tool in the right corner of Server Manager and then select Computer Management.

In the Computer Management windows, expand Local Users and Groups and select Groups. Double click on Administrators group.

In the Administrators Properties, click Add...In the Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups windows, type the account you want to add to Local Administrator group and then click OK.

Click OK.

Note: If you are on the Domain Controller, you cannot find Local Users and Groups in the Computer Management. In the case you want to add any account to the local Administrator group on the domain controller machine, just open Active Directory Users and Computer.

I wanted to run User Profile Synchronization Service on SharePoint 2013 so I needed to add the Farm Account to the Local Administrator group. I hope this simple article will help people easily work on Windows Server 2012. If you need to discuss with me about Windows Server 2012 or other Microsoft technologies, direct email to


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