Since 2008, i was stuck to open my messages at, and always feel messy for slow
emails accessing, too many Ads, 
and the worst thing i have to follow 3-4 steps to reach my

On July 31st, 2012 ​Microsoft introduced us to, whichever
makes our messaging life easier,

  • without any Ads, 
  • widely screen messaging program, 
  • extend the file sending limit to 50 MB instead of 25, 
  • boost the mailing power, 
  • smarter & greater METRO look, 
  • updates for my social life, 
  • intimate updates on the moment, 
  • reach to your mails @n single step sudden after signin,
  • quicker filters to get the desired message,
  • virtual broom technology,
  • instant action as scenario and many more whichever i can't describe! makes my life easier.
​Please feel free to edit my article any time.