DUPLICATE: Installing and Configuring TS Web Access in windows 2008 server

DUPLICATE: Installing and Configuring TS Web Access in windows 2008 server

NOTE: This article is a duplicate of: Configuring TS Web Access in windows 2008 server

Operating System

Windows server 2008



To configure TS Web Access in Windows server 2008



Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services bundled with a service called TS Web Access. It enables users to access a web page running on the system hosting the Terminal Server to obtain a list of remote applications which are available for remote access.

Here is the step by step to configure the TS Web Access in windows 2008 server.

Open the server manager by selecting the start/Administrative Tools. Open Roles Tab. On right pane select Add roles. Select the Terminal Service Role from the list.






Select next and continue. On next page select the Terminal server and TS Web Access services. Click next and continue with the default settings. TS Web Access requires a number of other roles, like IIS web server role. Click on the Add Role Services to ensure that these services are also installed. Click the Next button to review information about the services being installed. Click next to review the IIS services being installed. Click Next once again to move to the confirmation screen and click on Install to initiate the installation.





After restart open the Browser and follow the link



Where the systemID is the IP address or system name of the Terminal server. On successful connection the browser will prompt for the user and password credentials..












Once entered, the TS Web Access page will appear, listing any remote applications available for access on the local system.


To configure applications such that they can be launched from the Windows Server 2008 TS Web Access page they must first be installed for use with Terminal Services and then configured as RemoteApps.

Start -> All Programs -> Terminal Services -> TS Remote App Manager or by running remoteprograms.msc in a Run dialog or command prompt. Once launched, the manager will appear as follows.




To configure an application as a RemoteApp, begin by clicking on the Add RemoteApp Programs link in the Actions panel located in the top right hand corner of the TS RemoteApp Manager screen. This will display the RemoteApp wizard containing a list of currently installed applications. One or more applications may be selected from the list before pressing the Next button.




It is essential that any RemoteApps be configured for access via TS Web Access. To ensure this is the case, select the appropriate application from the list and click on the Properties button to open the RemoteApp Properties dialog as shown below. Within this dialog, make sure that the RemoteApp is available through TS Web Access box is checked.





Click OK to close the RemoteApp Properties dialog and then click Next in the wizard to proceed to the Review Settings screen and Finish to complete the configuration. Upon completion the applications will be listed under RemoteApp Programs s shown below.


With the RemoteApp applications configured they will now appear on the TS Web Access page ready to be invoked by a remote user.



When launched, these applications will appear within their own windows on the client desktop just as if they are locally installed applications


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