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Welcome to the System Center Authoring Hub.  This content is intended to support you in extending System Center components beyond their basic features and scenarios.

This content is located on the TechNet Wiki so that it may be maintained and extended by the community.  You are encouraged to modify existing content or add content that is relevant to this topic.  The Microsoft System Center team will regularly review any content and provide a statement as to the latest revision that they endorse.  This information is intended to provide you with confidence in the quality and accuracy of the content.

The initial set of content here focuses primarily on Operations Manager management packs.  The bulk of this content comes from the Management Pack Authoring Guide which has been published in the TechNet Library where it does not benefit from the value of community participation.  This will expand in the near future to include content on other components with an initial emphasis on Orchestrator runbooks.

System Center Integration Guide

The System Center Integration Guide provides an overview of the automation and integration options for each of the System Center components.  It is intended to be a starting point for determining which customization method that you should be using for different scenarios and where to get content for those topics.

Management Pack Authoring Guide

The System Center Management Pack Authoring Guide provides detailed content on designing and creating management packs for Operations Manager.  This content is intended for the intermediate to advanced user who requires scenarios beyond Operations Console wizards or just wants to have a deeper understanding of how management packs are structured and processed.

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