• Windows Failover Cluster
  • Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) cluster
  • SQL Cluster

Network Preparation

  • Have two identical server to create the cluster
  • Rename one NIC as Cluster and other as Production on both servers
  • Assign the IP details of Cluster NIC on both the servers as below

  • Assign the IP details of Production NIC on both the servers as below

Windows Failover Cluster Installation

  • Check the Failover Clustering checkbox from Add Features Wizard and Install the same on both the nodes
  • Now we need to run the validation tests to make sure our nodes are correctly configured
  • Click on Validate Configuration on Failover Cluster Manager and browse both the nodes and select Run all tests
  • The validation wizard summary will be displayed. Review it and click Next to initiate the cluster validation
  • If the validation wizard returns any errors review and resolve them before proceeding. Errors need to be resolved before creating the cluster. Ensure that you review warnings.

Create Failover Cluster

  • In the Failover Clustering Console click on Create a cluster
  • Click Browse and select the appropriate cluster nodes
  • Click Next to run pre-configuration validation and enter the values

            Cluster Name: WINCLUS

            IP Address: 192.168.1.X

  • Review the summary in the confirmation window and click Next to proceed with the cluster installation
  • If any warnings/errors were generated review them and retry if necessary. If none were generated click on Finish to close the wizard.
  • Now in windows server 2008 R2, the cluster Quorum and storage will be configured automatically, we need to check on that

Create DTC cluster

  • Add Application Server from Add Roles Wizard by selecting Incoming/Outgoing remote transactions
  • Open Failover Cluster Manager right click Services and Application and select Configure a Service or Application
  • Select Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) from the list and enter the values

        Cluster Name: DTCCLUS

        IP Address: 192.168.1.X

  • Select the appropriate Cluster Disk for the service

Install SQL Cluster

  • Install the pre-requisites for SQL Server
  • Start SQL server installation by clicking New SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation
  • Select appropriate feature selection  with the default directory
  • Enter SQL server network name (SQL cluster name)
  • Cluster Resource Group, Cluster Disk Selection, Cluster Network Configuration and Cluster security policy screens attached

  • Configure date directories; separate path for data and log files
  • After the installation finishes. Make sure your resources are up

  • Now start the SQL installation at Node-2 by selecting Add node to a SQL server failover cluster