If you're a data analyst using PowerPivot to create data models in Excel, you might run into the following error if you share workbooks with colleagues who are using earlier versions of Excel. In its entirety, the error reads as:

     "This PivotTable was created in a later version of Excel and can't be updated in this version.
     To update it, click OK, and then open the workbook in the version of Excel it was originally created in."

In Excel 2013, data models are built into the software. If you upgraded an Excel 2010 PowerPivot workbook to Excel 2013, or created a new Excel 2013 workbook from the ground up that contains a data model, the workbook has limited backwards compatibility. You can open and view the workbookin Excel 2010, but you won't be able to modify or maniuplate PivotTables or PivotCharts. 

Within an organization, everyone using data models or model-based workbooks should run the same version of Excel, either using Excel 2010 with the PowerPivot add-in for Excel 2010, or upgrade to Excel 2013 to use the embedded data model and data visualization features that are part of that release.

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