How to become a Microsoft MVP by MVP's

How to become a Microsoft MVP by MVP's

Hello community,

Does anyone know what does it mean MVP?


Microsoft MVP? Or NBA MVP?

I don’t know what MVP means for you, but for me it is not something that I want to have explicitly. I do my contributions because I love to do it. Because I love writing, talking, but more than that; I love “SharePoint”. 

It will be nice to have, but will not stop if I don’t get it.  

 Several times I received the question about “How to become an MVP”  or if I could nominate somebody for becoming it.  Most of the times, I forward them to the MVP portal and ask kindly to read it and if they think they have a chance I nominate them.

A few days ago I saw a great article from Christian Buckley about how to become a SharePoint MVP. He gives 10 points to pray attention for becoming it. 

I interviewed more than 45 Microsoft MVPs and asked kindly to respond to 3 questions (not all responded to my survey). I interviewed them to see if all the information about being an MVP is correct. To see if becoming an MVP is possible or not. Not as a response to Christian but just to have something real in our hands if somebody asks the question! 

The 3 questions are:

  • A little professional background (They have answered my questions, so I want to promote them)
  • How to become a good blogger
  • How to become an MVP


PS: Content below has not been changed, everything is only the words
 of the current and former MVPs.


You will find answers from:

  • Rodrigo Pinto, MVP
  • Margriet Bruggeman
  • Khalil ur, MVP
  • Sahil Malik, MVP
  • Anonymous Australian, MVP
  • Thuan, MVP
  • John Holliday, MVP
  • Isha Attlee, MVP
  • Ivan Padabed, MVP
  • Jethro Segers, MVP
  • Asif Rahmani, MVP
  • ...

Rodrigo Pinto, MVP

Professional Background 
I started as a Junior Developer in the Lisbon stock market in 98, climbed the stairs to senior consultant and in 2005 I came across SharePoint 2003 in a intranet bank.
After that I took a huge step and embrace the SharePoint 2007 in one of the major TV stations here in Portugal, when it was still in beta. 
That role proved to be the major turning point in my professional career. I started to share my point of view, tips and  how-to whenever I could and in 2009 I started the SharePoint Portuguese User Group community and its being a blast. Today I’m responsible for the SharePoint area in Indra, a Spanish Multinational Company. 

How to become a Blogger
As being a blogger, what would you recommend to the community for “how to write a article?” 
I think t main idea here is focus and have a set of goals to achieve with your post. 
In ourdays we all tend to be visual so, it is always good to add some pictures in it. 

How to become a MVP 
The MVP main idea is share and trade experience with no strings attached. 
It's curious because most of the MVPs I know here in Portugal and out there, have always a strong human factor and humility attached. 

Helping others and sharing is the main goal on this. Post, comment, meet, eat and inhaled knowledge and new ways to spread the word . 
And specially... have fun on doing it! 

Khalil Rehman, MVP

Professional Background 
Khalil is a SharePoint Practice Lead and Architect with Velrada. He has 10+ years’ experience on Microsoft technologies. As a distinguished expert, he designs effective solutions that meet the need of business stakeholders and comply with the governance, requirements and constraints imposed by stakeholders. Khalil has worked in Australia and internationally across North America and Asia Pacific region on SharePoint implementations. He is experienced in setting up offshore development centers and managing delivery teams. 
Khalil also maintains a strong community presence in the SharePoint community and has been recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for many years.
He has a publication in IEEE Journal on Health Care Digital Imagery and Communication of Medicine.

How to become a Blogger 
When writing an article/technical code snippet try to look at it as a viewer and see that what value will you get if you read this article/code snippet/technical problem resolution. 
My blog is at

How to become a MVP

  • Good web presence
  • Reply to user questions on MSDN/TechNet or other forums
  • Maintain a quality blog with good posts
  • Evangelize technology in local events
  • Community Presentations (user groups etc.)

And more importantly do all these things with technology of your choice… So that you get recognition in that technology circle.


Margriet Bruggeman

Professional Background

I’m Margriet Bruggeman and work as a contractor, usually as a SharePoint developer/architect/consultant/trainer, although other aspects of the .NET world interest me as well. I’ve just finished one of my SharePoint 2013 book projects and now started working on an interesting SharePoint 2013 project. To please the marketing department: after this project, I’m free again, so for companies looking for contractors: don’t hesitate to contact me via my web site at 

How to become a Blogger 
Well, let’s start with what not to do. If all you ever do is refer to other blog posts, there’s no point in having your own blog. You can refer to articles you like, but limit it. It’s essential to write original content. I divide original content in two types:
I write long blog posts several times a year, like I notice that over time such posts become popular, but as it takes a long time to write them, I don’t do a lot of them.

Btw, I do like your interview idea!

How to become a MVP 
I was an MVP, right now I’m not. The advice I can give you: be there in the long run and don’t go for quick success.

Sahil Malik, MVP

Professional Background
Sahil Malik, the founder and principal of has been a Microsoft trainer and consultant for the past many years. Having authored more than 11 books, trained and spoken at conferences all across the world, delivered solutions for many high profile clients, he brings with him invaluable practical experience. For his community contributions, Sahil has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for the past many years. You will find his opinions devoid of marketing, and deeply rooted in solid knowledge and expertise that is easy to grasp and understand. 

How to become a Blogger
It is easy to get started, but tough to continue being a good blogger once you are rolling. My suggestion is to get started and see if it is for you or not. If you are clear in your thoughts, have opinions and can express them well, you are probably a good blogger. 

How to become a MVP
I would suggest that don't let MVP be the goal, let it be a consequence of what you already are. There is so much benefit in involving yourself in the community that you should do it anyway. If you get the MVP award by doing so, even better. If not, still there is plenty to gain. 

Anonymous Australian, MVP

Professional Background

7 years of SharePoint specific experience and 10 years of IT industry experience. 

How to become a Blogger 
Must be original content, don't copy or reuse content from others. 
Ensure you are confident about the content and understand what you are writing about. Try to ensure it is correct before posting your content. 

How to become a MVP

  • Don't try to "become an MVP" the more you try, the harder it will be to get it. Contribute to the community to help others and to learn more yourself, don't do it just to try and get an award. It is more rewarding helping others and learning more in the process than winning any award.
  • Use your spare time to contribute to the community.
  • Contribute to the community with: 
    Answering MSDN forum questions. 
    Public speaking and presenting at user groups, conferences and community events. 
    Help others who need help to learn. 
    Work on code/projects in your spare time to keep your skills up. 
    Continue to learn constantly so you are able to answer questions, present talks and help others. 

Thuan Ngyen, MVP 

Professional Background
My name is Thuan, SharePoint MVP (2011, 2012). I'm currently working as Senior Infrastructure Architect at Bellamys IT International. My main duties are planning and designing infrastructure and solution architecture on Microsoft technologies, managing enterprise-class environment, providing best practices for deploying technologies to completely reach to business objectives. 

How to become a Blogger 
To write a good article about technology (e.g. SharePoint), you have to have not only real-world experience in what you are going to write, but also writing skills. Some of books I'm reading in order to improve my writing skills are: Smart ThinkingWriting Research PapersImprove your Written English. What should I write in my blog? Well, depending on your background skills, whether development, infrastructure or business landscape, you should write day-to-day works, real-world experience about project you would be working on, or share your thoughts on something you have found out. In addition to writing, you could start writing an awesome series about new things, or what you are researching.

How to become a MVP 
“The first rule of Fight Club is you never talk about Fight Club.”
In all seriousness, MVP is an award. Similar to any other award, asking how to get one almost disqualifies you, so you are better off not pestering people about how to get an Oscar or a Nobel award, and simply do what you do best. People will notice your efforts and nominate you, and then perhaps you will be awarded. You may want to look at the description of the MVP Award on the Microsoft MVP official website as a place to understand more. Critical attributes are giving back to the community, providing expertise and helpful advice, and leadership. If you are helping hundreds or thousands of developers or technologists further their career in Microsoft technologies, then Microsoft will take notice. Just responding to questions on list boards like Microsoft Answers is not enough. Your answers must be thoughtful and more importantly helpful, so that you don’t waste people’s time but rather accelerate their progress. Another way you can help people, besides online, is to write a book. Also volunteer to help out at local events like user group, CodeCamp or SharePoint Saturday. Start a user group if they are lacking in your area. So there are many ways you can help out. BUT DON’T JUST CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY TO WIN AN AWARD, DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT. People win Oscars because they love to make great movies. Love you do, and influence others to the same.”

John Holliday, MVP

Professional Background
Please see my Linked-In profile or visit my blog at

How to become a Blogger 

No specific guidance here - each blogger is unique - lots of help on the web.

How to become a MVP 

No guidance here either, since the MVP program is based on actual contributions to the community and is not something one typically strives for.

Isha Attlee, MVP

Professional Background 
I was introduced to SharePoint in 2007 and since then I have worked as a SharePoint Consultant for several companies across North America. Some of the big clients that I have worked for are Coach Inc., Phillips Van heusen, American Military University (AMU),TD Ameritrade and TD bank Financial Group. I am currently working as a SharePoint SME (Subject Matter Expert) for TD bank Financial Group in Toronto Canada. 

How to become a Blogger 
Blogging is a great hobby and it becomes extremely useful when done in the community Interest. As an experienced SharePoint blogger I would suggest to write an article which contains something very Informative and unique for the readers. The article should always say the message clearly and help the readers in one way or the other. 

How to become a MVP 
I am recent SharePoint MVP and the experience so far has been fantastic. Becoming an MVP takes time, sincere hard work and a great deal of community service. To become a SharePoint MVP one needs to share his\her SharePoint knowledge via various social platforms and\or via Interpersonal skills. Hard work would definitely make the path easy. 
Jethro Seghers , MVP 
Professional Background 
last 5 years, IT manager of a university college, now CEO + Cloud Solution Architect of my own company. 

How to become a Blogger

  1. Description problem.
  2. Step by step explaining how you solved the problem .. 

Ivan Padabed , MVP

Professional Background 
Started as Software Engineer 11 years ago, I put my bet to Microsoft technologies from the beginning, I became .NET focused in 2006 and since then working on really big enterprise software projects. SharePoint got my attention as enterprise level platform in the same time, and I put lots of efforts to grow my skills there. But most important event in my career was MS SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas where I was impressed by SharePoint professionals community spirit. I started my community activities since then, was recognized by local Microsoft group and received my MVP status 1 year later. Technical skills are absolutely top priority regardless community efforts, so I passed all available exams and applied for MCM program (hard but really awesome experience!), and I also passionate about my Team skills as well so I became MCT to be able to deliver official MS trainings for them. 

How to become a Blogger
As for writing articles - just find a topic or fact that really impressed you, and share your thoughts and ideas like talking with your colleague, explaining why this is interesting and what we can get out of it. 

How to become a MVP 
To became MVP you need to be passionate about community and find a way to empower community with relationship to Microsoft. Work with MS in your spare time to make their product better and to build people around it, and you will always found support and recognition. Final grade of that recognition is MVP award. 

Asif Rahmani, MVP

Professional Background

Asif has been training and consulting on SharePoint technologies since 2002. He is a SharePoint Server MVP and MCT. Asif runs a SharePoint Videos website ( which provides SharePoint, SharePoint Designer and InfoPath Video Tutorials. His videos have been published at Microsoft's TechNet, Channel 9 and site. Asif also provides in-person and online SharePoint training publicly and in private workshops through Critical Path Training ( 
Asif has been a speaker at conferences since 2006. He is the author of the book "SharePoint 2013 - First Look for Power Users". He is also the co-author of the books "Professional SharePoint Designer 2007", "Beginning SharePoint Designer 2010" and "Real World SharePoint 2010" by Wrox publications . Asif was the co-founder and is currently one of the active leaders of the Chicago SharePoint User Group (
For a more detailed bio, please visit
You can reach Asif at:

How to become a Blogger 
Writing a technical article I believe is very different than writing fiction or some other work. If you really want to write about SharePoint (or any other technical subject for that matter), you need to write it as it is - Very factual and to the point! That's what people appreciate the most.

How to become a MVP

SharePoint MVP award is granted to people who do a Lot of community work. It is not earned like a MCT, MCSD, MCSE etc. It is very much of a designation of gratitude from Microsoft for helping the community. If a person just continues doing what they are doing for the community, chances are very high that they will get noticed and Microsoft will award them the MVP designation.

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