The Small Basic Blog is on MSDN and currently exists to encourage and foster community growth and adoption around Small Basic:

Ideas for the Small Basic Blog

The following is a list of ideas for blog posts. They need to be specific around community growth and collaboration. So any notes on product progress are out of scope for this article and for the Small Basic blog in general (currently that's the status). Ongoing ideas are ideas that can be repeated.


  • Featured Program - Highlighting an exceptional program
  • Small Basic Role Playing Game - This would be a community effort to make one killer game. Multiple blog posts would be used to track its progress.
  • Featured Article - Featuring TechNet Wiki articles about Small Basic
  • Community Win - Featuring a story of people coming together to do something amazing in a Small Basic program or on a TechNet Wiki article about Small Basic
  • Interviews - We interview key contributors to the Small Basic community
  • Challenges - Each month LitDev creates a challenge list in the Small Basic Forum. We pull from that list to blog about the challenges and results. 

One-time topics:

  • Community Wins
    • Small Basic article on TechNet Wiki. It's a great example of many people coming together.
  • Interviews
    • Liam McSherry - our TNWiki content winner
    • Nonki Takahashi
    • LitDev
    • Noah Buscher
    • Coding Cat
    • Mike H
  • Why Learn Small Basic?
  • What does BASIC stand for? (inspiration)