TechNet Wiki Day

TechNet Wiki Day

About the Origin of Technet Wiki Day Brazil:

The TechNet Wiki Day was originally a Brazilian project that promotes the use of TechNet Wiki in Brazil, during which two or three times a month, the best Bazilian TechNet Wiki articles are chosen from a poll on facebook-> TechNet Wiki Day.

The idea of the project comes from these Brazil community influencers:

Gustavo Santos
Luiz Henrique Lima Campos 
Thiago Cardoso Luiz

We do a survey of all articles posted on the Wiki in Portuguese in Brazil of the last few weeks, and each of the judges selectes one of these articles (totaling 5 articles). The judges are: Yuri Diógenes , Luciano Lima Luiz Henrique Lima CamposGustavo Santosand Thiago Cardoso Luiz. The 5 articles are then part of a poll on Facebook where the areticle that receives the most votes from the community takes the award.

Below is the list, an award winning and where always will be updated every week from TechNet Wiki day.

List of articles, awards and winners of the TechNet Wiki Day Brazil

1 - 
UNION x UNION ALL (pt-BR) Fredy Esmeraldo -  Award: Book: Microsoft 70-640 - Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory - Training Kit

- Bloqueando Programas indesejados com Applocker (pt-BR) - Valmor Lima        -  Award: Microsoft Mug 

3 - Implementando Data Deduplication no Windows Server 8 (pt-BR)    -  Daniel Donda  -  Award: Microsoft Mug 

4P2V com Disk2vhd: Convertendo uma máquina Física para Virtual    -  Caio Vilas Boas   -  Award:  EXCHANGE SERVER 2010 - GUIA DE BOLSO

Imagem Ilustrativa

5° Semana - Dia 20 de dezembro de 2012 -  Premiação :  Caneca da Microsoft

Imagem Ilustrativa

6° Semana - Dia 20 de Janeiro de 2013 - Premiação : Caneca da Microsoft
Obs: Serão 2 premiações 1 para a comunidade do Brasil e outra pra a comunidade Internacional.

Imagem Ilustrativa

A todos os ganhadores desejamos os parabéns!

To learn more about TechNet Wiki Day


Twitter: @tnwikiday
Facebook: TechNet wiki Day

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Portuguese - TechNet Wiki Day (pt-BR)

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