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Hello the community,

A great change on SharePoint Server with the new version is that there is a support of Custom HTTP 404 Error Pages. In this post we will take a look how to create a new 404 page.

All Publishing sites contains a default a 404 Error page “PageNotFoundError.aspx” page which is added to the App "Pages Library"

Therefore connect to a Publishing site. If you don't have any publishing site, check the image, to know how to create one.



When you created your site, you can go to your site contents and check under your App "Page library" the current and out-of-the-box PageNotFoundError.aspx



To allow users to create a new custom Error page, Publishing Sites now contain a new Content Type “Error Page“. This Content type Inherits from “Page” Content type and has a typical layout of a Page Not found. To find this Content Type Navigate to Site Settings -> Content Types -> Error Page.


You can modify this page to add some text or images. But we want to create a new custom Error Page. For this go again to your App "Page Library" and create a new document "Error Page"

Provide some information and be sure that you select a (Error Page) Error.

Title: Custom Error Page

Description: Custom Error Page

URL Name: Custom-Error-Page



You will now see your new page appearing under your App.


Check out, and made modification to your page.. I'm a huge lover of Doktor House, so I added a picture of him to make clear that the page was not found :^)



I did not test the following link but you can test the following, it seams realy interessant. I do not know if it's possible with SP2013, you can test it and inform me..


Happy Configuring,

Gokan Ozcifci
SharePoint Community Expert, MCC

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