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On the Microsoft vCEPC (virtual CEPC) BSP, the following CTK tests are known to fail with the issues described below:

Type of Test


Display GDI tests (gdit.dll)

Subtest 302 (which tests the palette), subtest 806 (which tests device context) and subtests 1100 and 1101 (which test text display).

Audio capture tests

All the audio capture tests may fail.

OAL - IOCTLs tests (oaltestioctls.dll)

The oaltestioctls.dll test suite fails for subtest IDs 5300, 5301 and 5302 on the vCEPC platform.

Ddrawtk test (ddrawtk.dll)

Because there is no video port support on Flat DDI driver, the following 16 subtests will skip:

  • 120  VBID Surface Data Handling
  • 400  CreateVideoPort
  • 420  GetVideoPortConnectInfo
  • 430  QueryVideoPortStatus
  • 500  GetBandwidthInfo
  • 502  GetSetColorControls
  • 504  GetInputOutputFormats
  • 506  GetFieldPolarity
  • 508  GetVideoLine ,
  • 510  GetVideoSignalStatus
  • 512  SetTargetSurface
  • 514  StartVideo
  • 516  StopVideo
  • 518 UpdateVideo
  • 520  WaitForSync
Mouse Test(Mousetest.dll)

Test Case 44 (Wheel) will fail in mousetest.dll when run on (Win XP + VPC2007) environment.

To workaround this issue, remove the following changes in VirtualPC platform.reg file and build the image.



OAL Timers (oaltesttimers.dll)

Subtest ID 1010 (Tick Count Resolution - High Priority) fails.

Serial Communication Test (pserial.dll) Test Case 14(TestCommEventBreak) will fail because known limitation in real-time performance issue on Virtual PC. There is no workaround available at this moment.


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