How to Create a Universal Windows 7 Disc

How to Create a Universal Windows 7 Disc

This is a quick guide to making a "universal" Windows 7 installation disc or flash media.  Unlike Vista, Windows 7 discs seem to only contain one version, despite being the same size.

  1. First, extract your installation disc, if it is an ISO file.  If you have a retail DVD, copy all of the files to a folder on your hard drive.
  2. Browse to the "sources" folder, and find the file named ei.cfg.
  3. Delete ei.cfg.  Don't worry, this won't damage your disc!
  4. Either write the files to a flash drive or burn them to a disc.
  5. You should now have a selection of all 6 (x86) or 4 (x64) versions of Windows 7 when installing from your media.

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  • Seems good.. will it loos the bootable nature when copying to a folder? I mean will it have to rebuilt the boot sectors etc?

  • Good info

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