How to Migrate Windows User Profile to New Account

How to Migrate Windows User Profile to New Account

This article comes from TechNet Forums post Keep Local Profile as Domain Profile when/after joining Windows 7 box to domain.
It could be used to migrate one User Profile, either Local or Domain, to another (Local or Domain).


Before proceeding, there are needed these requirements:

  • Third party free tool: ForensiT User Profile Wizard.
  • User Profile to migrate (it could belong to Local or Domain User Account)
  • User Account (Local or Domain) to be associated to User Profile

Tasks List

  1. Create new local Administrator
  2. Reboot Client computer (to make sure migrating User Profile is not in use)
  3. Login with Administrator credential created before
  4. Run ForensiT User Profile Wizard tool to migrate User Profile(*) to User Account
  5. Login with New Account credential

(*) - It is safe to make a backup of User Profile before proceeding.


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