SharePoint 2013: Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers

SharePoint 2013: Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers

Hello all,

As everybody knows I got a reward from who selected me as the most influential SharePoint guy in Europe. This is a great feeling!!

Last November, social software company, commissioned its second annual campaign to uncover these leaders in the international SharePoint community. Now for the first time, has revealed the results of a month-long community poll to discover the top 25 most influential people in the European SharePoint community. The results were publicized this week at the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen.

During January 2013, members of the European SharePoint community cast votes to identify the most influential members of their community. In keeping with the social nature of this collaborative community, the polling approach employed the very mechanism that the winners use on a daily basis to impact the businesses with which they work. When it was over, more than 2,000 people in the European SharePoint community weighed in.

I want to thank each person who voted for me and who supported such:

  •  Ed PRICE (Microsoft)
  •  Florin CUICA ( Microsoft )
  •  Hakan UZUNER ( MVP – ÇözümPark )
  •  Michael SCHOUVELLER ( TL SharePoint)
  •  LinkedIn Contacts
  •  Colleagues, Friends, …
  •  And all others …


You can check the lists by clicking here under.

Top 25 European SharePoint Community Influencers - Final Results
Top 25 European SharePoint Community Influencers By Country - Final Results

It was really a surprise – I was voted as the most influencing SharePoint personality in Belgium to!

I found a lot of my (virtual) friends on both lists, like Bjoern H Rapp (Norway), Emre Balci (Turkey), Rodrigo Pinto (Portugal), Falak Mahmood (Sweden) and many more well know European SharePoint experts. Congrats!

In Belgium, in my country we have a lot a SharePoint Influencers that deservers also a place in this list:

  •  Andy van Steenbergen ( @meligo )
  •  Stephane Heyskens ( @stephaneeyskens )
  •  Marc Lougnoul ( @lognoulm )
  •  Tom Van Gaever ( @tomvangaever )
  •  Thomas Vochten ( @thomasvochten )


I couldn’t reach this score or receive this award without their fantastic job here in Belgium!
But again, receiving this reward is just limitless feelings!

Thanks all,

Gokan Ozcifci

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