You have just configured a new two-way GALSYNC solution utilizing FIM 2010.  You attempt to provision contacts but no contacts are getting provisioned. 


n  Validated the “Enable Provisioning Rules Extension” is checked in Tools > Options
n  Executed a Generate Preview on an object, but the results is blank
n  Reviewed the GALMV.VB (Metaverse Extension) source code.  In the Public Sub AddOrRenameConnector routine there is an IF..THEN…ELSE… statement which ends without logging or throwing an exception.

If IsNothing(MAConfig.SynchronizationOU)
     OrElse MAConfig.SynchronizationOU.Equals(
"") Then
Exit Sub
End If


This IF…THEN…ELSE statement Exits the Sub routine because there has been no Target OrganizationalUnit selected on the Configure GAL page of the Management Agent properties window.



To resolve the issue,

  1. In the Synchronization Service Manager Console, select Management Agents
  2. Select the GALSYNC Management Agent
  3. From the Actions menu, select Properties
  4. Select the Configure GAL tab
  5. Click Target, and then Container (You will need to enter the GALSYNC Management Agent Account credentials)
  6. Select the Target Container and click Ok