SharePoint 2013 Experiences

Dynamic, Interactive and actionable
Search powers core SharePoint experiences (social and more)
Extensibility has never been easier or more powerful
There is now a single search architecture

How Search is being used

Find:       Find what you are looking for with intelligent results tailed to you
Answer:  Get answers and take action with an experience that's always a step ahead
Extend:   Build smarter applications that can scale for any need

Core Enterprise Search:

Fresh dynamic new search experiences:   HTML/JS templates, rich results, hover panels, refiners, counts
Enterprise content at your fingertips:       Pervasive search box, personal favorites, search verticals
Find the needle in a haystack:                  Word/Excel/PPT/site previews, deep links, query rules, expertise search

Integrated SharePoint Experiences:

In-line list search:                                      Lists/Libraries, Tasks
Search powered social experiences:         Hashtags, conversations, communities, follow sites/docs/people
Social based recommendations:               Suggested sites/docs, usage and views

Extending Search:

Easy, granular UI customization:                Result Types and Display Templates
Build your own intent-based experiences: Query Rules with Result Blocks
Simple search-driven content views:          Content search web parts

New Ranking Features:

SharePoint usage, result block ranking, freshness
Improved proximity, file type handling, search clicks

Ranking customization:

Query Rules
Dynamic ordering rules
Rank tuning tool


Thesaurus deployment, stemming improved accuracy and on by default