Part 1: TechNet Wiki SharePoint Server performance issues

Part 2: Ten SharePoint tips for Performance issues

Part 3: ...


As many of your already know, nobody said ever in his life “SharePoint is to fast, please reduce his speed I can’t follow”.. :-)

In Turkey we say “1 error takes 3 good”… SharePoint can be a great collaboration tool, a attractive platform or trend platform at the moment but if it goes “slow” al this good points are forgotten and SharePoint is categorized as “bad” choose or “ugly” product.

Many articles has been written by Experts and SharePoint Lovers to avoid this kind of problems.
I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and with this first part we are going to see a list of all the articles that made my day or your days when we where confronted with performance issues:

 Article of Magriet Bruggeman is just a WOW!

 Patrick Heyde SharePoint Performance Troubleshooting

 How to avoid the Top 5 SharePoint Performance Mistakes

 Troubleshooting SharePoint 2010, Part 1

 Tools to Optimize the Performance of SharePoint Server 2010


Next week, I will continue my post with a top 10 TIPS..

Happy SharePointing!

Gokan Ozcifci