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You're doing some intense editing in a WYSISWYG editor, and then all of a sudden, your cursor starts flashing. You can't submit your changes. You can't switch tabs. The entire instance of IE9 (with all tabs) is in a hard lock.


This solution only recovers the non-crashed tabs in the same IE9 window instance.

Rather than close the entire instance of IE9 (the window with all tabs), do this instead:

  1. Hover over the IE instance in your Windows taskbar. Each tab opens as a preview individually.
  2. Move your cursor to the crashed tab. The red exit box appears in the upper-right corner of the preview.
  3. Click the red exit box. This closes the crashed tab but leaves the other tabs open.
You are now able to use your other tabs, but you'll need to reload the page from the crashed tab, and your newly entered/edited data is still lost.