Who should read this post

  • Who host web sites / web applications in IIS but its not perform properly
  • Who want to know in details of IIS
  • Who want to troubleshoot of IIS
  • Who want to trace the bugs of IIS
  • Who want to tune of IIS
  • Who want to get best performance from IIS

Why read this post

  • Gather knowledge about IIS architecture and know how its perform
  • Fine Tuning for better performance
  • Remote administration over Multiple web sites/applications
  • Make it customized secure as per requirement
  • Tracing & Troubleshooting


Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 in Windows Server 2008 is a Web server that Provides Secure & Easy-to-Manage facility To Developing & Reliably hosting of Web Applications & Web Services With Modular & Extensible Architecture.

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