In Microsoft Windows there is a very useful tool that helps you to quickly edit very important part in Windows behavior, it is name is Local Group Policy Editor.
Generally some IT professionals like to make a fixed environment for the computers in the group , that tool will help them a lot.

1- How to Open it

generally there are two ways :
1- Through Run... :
     a- open run...
     b- write "gpedit.msc"
2- Through Microsoft Management Console.
     a- open run...
     b- write "mmc"
     c- File -> Add / Remove snap in...
     d- choose : "Group Policy Object Editor" then click "Add >"
     e- in the dialogue that appears click finish.
     f- press OK
     g- finally double click on "Local Group Policy"
     h- You should see some thing like this :
2- More Resources :