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This is a stub topic.

If you have experience with configuring and using the Test Lab Guide: Fabrikam Base Configuration, please feel free to share any information that would be helpful for others to know. Examples of useful information to add to this topic are the following: 

  • Virtualized environment experiences, procedures, workarounds, and best practices (such as Hyper-V)
  • Common configuration gotchas
  • Experiences and procedures when substituting other versions of Windows for the computers of the test lab
  • Tips on troubleshooting this test lab
  • Tips on scripting in this test lab
  • Tips on application development and testing in this test lab
  • Tips on extending this test lab for larger multi-product scenarios

Feel free to edit this wiki article and let us know your experiences to help others get the most out of the Test Lab Guide: Fabrikam Base Configuration.

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