How to successfully update UAG 2010 to SP3 ?

How to successfully update UAG 2010 to SP3 ?

The UAG 2010 SP3 was officially released on Feb 20, 2013 as promised by the UAG team to resolve several issues mainly to support Microsoft new systems and applications (Windows 8, Server 2012, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013...............etc). Thanks UAG team.

Download Link:

Release Notes:

I would like to share my experience with SP3 installation and best Practices

  1. UAG SP3 is not Cumulative, UAG server must have first the SP2 installed before moving to SP3.
  2. I had a private fix (Provided by Microsoft CSS) to fix the Invalid DN syntax (Even ID 108) that was repeated. THis hotfix was 38871. If you the same you need to remove it before installing UAG SP3 (By the way this issue is fixed in UAG SP3)
  3. After the UAG sp3 was successfully installed, all my users weren't able to access the portal site or any published site (OWA, sharepoint......etc) and they got the error 

    Forbidden Directory, Listing Denied Error code 403.14 to fix this issue please check the following article on my blog

  4. The File access application failed to start after the apply of UAG SP3 due to abug in the SP3, to fix it please check the following article on my blog

Hopefully this will help anyone installing the UAG 2010 SP3.

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