Performance Improvement Checklist for Asp.Net/ MOSS Applications

Performance Improvement Checklist for Asp.Net/ MOSS Applications

Here is the active checklist i have prepared for enchaining web application performance  ..





e-Commerce web site

Turn off Session State, if not required



Disable View State of a Page if possible



Set debug=false in web.config



Avoid Response.Redirect, use Server.Trasfer for same site page navigation



Use the String builder to concatenate string



Avoid throwing exceptions, use validation framework for business exception 



Proper use of Use Page.ISPostBack



Use Foreach loop instead of For loop for String Iteration



Cleaning Up Style Sheets and Script Files . Minify JavaScript and CSS



Check for CSS Expressions, remove if found.



Remove Duplicate Scripts



Place StyleSheets into the Header



Put Scripts to the end of Document



Make JavaScript and CSS External, No inline CSS or Javascripts  in page.



Page not found for JS, CSS or Image should not come



Reduce Cookie Size



Optimize Images using



If new thread is created than thread must be in try.. catch. And check for deadlock situation.



For subsequent request images, js and CSS should be fetch from cache.


WCF services/ Web Service

Individual services should not take more than one second.



ASynchronized methods implemented if services are taking more than one seconds.



Require caching is implemented or not.



Exception is properly handling or not.



Check for Delay load the core .js



IIS Compression - Static compression should be on and Dynamic compression should be off.



cache profile is created for output caching



Disk-based Caching for binary large objects are enabled or not. Like <BlobCache location="C:\blobCache" path="\.(gif|jpg|png|css|js)$" maxSize="10" max-age="86400" enabled="false"/>




Code review and optimization of code



Capture request and response for all the happy path scenarios and check for performance


ANTS profiler

Generate report for individual method and sun methods and perform analysis


Event viewer

Check that any error or warning are posted in event viewer due to code or not


BPA tools

Run and clean noncompliant


SQL Profiler

Generate trace file and analysis using Advisor.


Performance Analysis of Logs

Check for memory and CPU utilization.


Event Viewer

Configure MSDTC as per the MS recommendation.


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